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VAIS PDF to Excel Converter is a boon for accountants and anyone else dealing with reports
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1 September 2015

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If you've ever received a report in PDF format, you know how time-consuming moving all of that data into Microsoft Excel can be. Not only is it boring, but it's error prone. VAIS PDF to Excel Converter is a boon for accountants and anyone else dealing with reports. It can reliably help convert PDF data into Excel format to create a spreadsheet database with high level of accuracy.
VAIS PDF to Excel Converter has super-fast conversion process designed to minimize user efforts. No matter how complex or how large your conversion needs are, this converter will get the job done soon. Multiple pages will be converted at a speed of 450 pages per minute, meaning that you don't need to wait long for even the longest files.
VAIS PDF to Excel Converter recovers and salvages various data items such as images, OLE objects, forms, graphs, hyperlinks, data, tables, and other information from the original PDF files, saving you tons of time reformatting and restructuring.
Online conversion can be a time-consuming, error-prone and an unsafe process. VAIS PDF to Excel Converter eliminates these restrictions with faster conversion, flawless quality and no chance of data leaking. This tool can always be considered as the most feasible alternative to perform PDF to Excel file conversion.
Want to convert 1000 PDFs to Excel flawlessly? VAIS PDF to Excel is a good solution which gives you the flexibility in multi-file conversion. It allows batch conversion and you can import as many files as you need and convert them with a single click.
It is a great value and a must-have for those who need one standalone program without the assistance of any other program like Adobe Acrobat and Office. Moreover, it does not interfere with other programs running on your computer making them slow. VAIS PDF to Excel Converter is Windows-based, designed for easy PDF to Excel conversion that can be handled by users of any level of experience.

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